Nomad Coffee, Essex, Vermont

The Cutest Coffee Truck: Nomad Coffee

Nomad Coffee, Essex, Junction

I’m a sucker for good coffee (the stronger and darker the better). Carrier Roasting Co., Capitol Grounds, Brio Coffee WorksVermont Artisan Coffee & Tea and, of course, the many makers of cold-brew coffee are a few of my ever-evolving favorites in Vermont right now. So, imagine my delight when less than two miles from our humble abode in Essex Junction, Nomad Coffee appeared… in the form of a mobile coffee shop, decked out in rustic barn wood, antiqued metal, and a welcoming pop of sky blue trim. I’ve quickly become obsessed and couldn’t contain my excitement for this mighty-coffee-shop-that-could any longer.

Parked at 3 Main Street in Essex Junction near the Five Corners, Nomad is open seven days a week, offering drinks made with Brio Coffee Works’ coffee, along with smoothies, tea, pastries, etc. All of Nomad’s offerings all locally sourced in Vermont. Having opened in August, owners Nicole and Andrew, a husband and wife team (read their cute story of how they met and found Nomad here) are seeing steady growth. The appreciation from local community members, for whom Nomad has become part of their daily routine, is most rewarding for the dynamic coffee-shop duo.

Being mobile allows owners Nicole and Andrew to fuel morning commuters during the week and outdoor enthusiasts heading to the mountain or to the lake on the weekends. Both Nicole and Andrew have “day jobs” that allow them to set their own hours to ensure there’s always a barista behind the counter at Nomad Coffee, their passion project, if you will.

Nomad Coffee Menu, Essex Junction Five Corners Vermont

The History of Nomad Coffee

Although Nomad Coffee might be new to the Burlington-area coffee scene in Vermont, the actual trailer / vintage camper has lived quite the full life before even settling in Vermont. Back in the 1970’s, Nomad was a travel trailer. Nicole and Andrew rescued him from an apple orchard in Ithaca, New York, in late 2015, at which time he made his way to Vermont.

Nicole and Andrew got the idea for a mobile coffee shop after experiencing coffee cabins out west in Oregon and Washington. They wanted to bring high-quality coffee to places where you wouldn’t expect it, and Essex Junction fit the bill. The town is attracting more and more businesses and individuals alike, but before Nomad, the town was seriously lacking a grab-and-go breakfast and coffee spot. Sure, Burlington has its fair share of notable coffee shops (Maglianero, Uncommon Grounds, August First) but outside of downtown, nothing besides Scout & Co in Winooski really comes to mind.

Nicole and Andrew took to IndieGogo to raise money to fund the restoration of Nomad, along with everything involved in getting coffee served to the public out of their mobile coffee shop (an espresso machine, grinders, brewers, generators, water tanks, filtration, plumbing, permitting, licensing, etc.)

For about a year, Andrew and Nicole restored Nomad in their driveway in Westford, Vermont; they now live in Bolton. Check out their awesome timelapse footage of the demolition, recycle, and upcycle of the mobile coffee shop here. Pretty cool, huh? Such passion and such a vision for the vintage Nomad!

Tips for Visiting Nomad Coffee Like a Local:

  • Although you might be tempted to stick to your normal when ordering at Nomad Coffee, branch out a bit. Chocolate Chaga Smoothie? Pumpkin Pie Latte? London Fog (like a Chai latte but with Earl Grey and a hint of vanilla)? Matcha Latte? Even if you’re a coffee purist, you’ll have a variety to choose from, from bullet coffee to cold brew to pour-over coffee.
  • Have dietary restrictions? Nomad offers soy, almond, and coconut milks for every-special lattes.
  • Need something to help a cold? Try Nomad’s homemade ginger-hibiscus-rosehip herbal infusion to boost your immune system.
  • Don’t skip the pastries, sourced from Jam Bakery, Sweet Simones and Eleventh Hour Bakery. Take a peek at the small pastry window within the truck to see what strikes your fancy. The zucchini bread is the best I’ve ever had (I’ll spare you from the m-word and telling you just how perfect the texture and flavor were…) They also regularly have donuts, croissants, gluten-free muffins, cupcakes, and more pastry goodness.
  • Not interested in waiting for your coffee (or standing out in the cold while it’s made)? Nomad Coffee has an online ordering system. Simply make your selection online (box of Joe to go?), and they’ll have it waiting for you upon arrival.
  • Don’t worry about parking for visiting Nomad Coffee. There are a few spots in front on Main and a few on Maple Street. You can always park in the lot by the bus station and take the minute walk on up to Nomad. There are even rumblings about a drive-through at Nomad in the future!
  • Nomad is on the same street as Martone’s (kind of caddy-corner to it), you know, the very best sub shop is all of Vermont. You can’t miss it!

Nomad Coffee

3 Main Street, Essex Junction, Vermont

Hours: Monday – Friday, 7-3pm | Saturday & Sunday, 9am-2pm

Have you been to Nomad Coffee? What’s your go-to drink of choice? Share below to keep the conversation going!

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  1. Erin, Thanks a ton for featuring us! And being so generous in covering the different aspects of our business. It’s been a labor of love for sure and we’re really looking forward to what the next year will bring. We’re hoping to bring our quality espresso game to corporate events and weddings this year and keep a presence in Essex as long as possible.