People ask me a lot of questions. I take it as a compliment, although it likely means that a) I’ve been living in the same small town for too long, or b) I’m opinionated and not ashamed to tell you what I think.

Travelling, including finding off-the-beaten-path restaurants, lodging and activities in new towns, cities and states, is my thing. Lately when it’s time for a night away or mini-vacation, I don’t find myself heading up to Maine or down to Boston anymore. Rather, I’m content exploring my own back yard in Vermont, with so many nooks and crannies in the state full of restaurants, inns, breweries, wineries and artisan shops to explore. For years, TripAdvisor has been my go-to source to find local’s recommendations. I’ve contributed back, giving my opinion on activities, restaurants and inns around the country. Always looking for a new project, Travel Like a Local: Vermont was born in 2014 out of my desire to find the best everything Vermont has to offer.

Hill-0057About Me:
I’m a lot of things… a marketer by profession, an art historian through my education, a traveller, a beer drinker, a dog rescuer, a wannabe yogi, a gardener, a road tripper. I’m also a writer… it’s actually in my genes. I come from a long line of dictionary editors, kids’ book writers and journalists. Although I copywrite on a daily basis at work, I don’t often write for myself anymore. That is about to change.

I’ve worked as a breakfast cook, an innkeeper, a bartender, a cocktail waitress at a luxury dude ranch and most recently, as a marketer for EatingWell Magazine and now Middlebury Interactive Languages.

I dig simple pleasures, the smell of woodsmoke, the sound of lapping waves, a strong cup of coffee, fresh air, mountain views, kick-ass cuisine and most people I meet.

I live in Middlebury, Vermont, where I’ve called home for the past 10 years. Say hello and let me know what you think of Travel Like a Local: Vermont. Want to share your favorite Vermont tips? Have an idea for a review? Contact me. I’d love to hear from you: travelikealocalvt@gmail.com.

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