Jennifer Kahn, Bernie Pendant

#FeelTheBern: Vermont Businesses Supporting Bernie

I fondly remember when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took part in the Warren Fourth of July celebration every year. Bernie would stroll down the parade route on Main Street by himself—dressed in sneakers and an untucked collared shirt—waving to his people. For Vermonters, Bernie’s bid for the Democratic nomination is about more […]

Finding Happiness in Vermont

What makes you happy? Not what you think makes you happy, but what makes you intrinsically happy? The moments when you smile from ear to ear, laugh until you cry? When you feel utterly content and at peace? It might seem like an easy question to answer: Your health. Family. […]

Don't Jersey Vermont

“Don’t Jersey Vermont”

I remember when I first came to Vermont to visit Middlebury College, which is when my love affair with the Green Mountain state began. I was 16 or 17, and it was my first time ever in Vermont. Growing up in Princeton, there were Beemers and Audis in the parking […]