Blackback Pub, Waterbury, Vermont

Blackback Pub, Waterbury, Vermont

Whenever Waterbury, Vermont, comes up in conversation, it’s likely related to 1) finding Heady Topper, 2) live music at the Reservoir, 3) the perfection that is Hen of the Wood or 4) the “hipster glossy” crowd and meaty creations that define the Prohibition Pig. I had never heard anyone—not one person—ever muster a word about Blackback Pub, […]

Prohibition Pig Waterbury, Vermont

Prohibition Pig, Waterbury, Vermont

The Alchemist, a restaurant and brewery previously located on Main Street in downtown Waterbury, used to be one of our favorite date-night spots. We’d take a leisurely drive over the Appalachian Gap and wind our way to Waterbury. The homecooked pub food and Wild Child on tap were worth every bit of the 80-minute drive (one way). Sadly, […]