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Peonies at Hilden - Things to Do in Vermont

Made-in-Vermont Gifts for Mothers’ Day

I love the art of giving… More specifically, I love finding the perfect gift at the perfect time for someone special in your life. I spend many hours around the holidays brainstorming and getting creative with gifts. I strive to find something that is 1) unique, 2) useful or […]

Vermont Made Christmas Gift Ideas

Vermont-Made Holidays Gifts for 2016

Made-in-Vermont Christmas Gift Ideas for 2016 I love nothing more than giving gifts. I would rather give gifts than receive something any day. I spend hours on end every Christmas season researching and brainstorming the very best gifts for the people in my life. I always like to […]

Maple Beverages in Vermont

Drink Local: Maple Beverages Hit Vermont Shelves

Maple syrup has been—and always will be—part and parcel of the Vermont brand… along with cheddar cheese, Heady Topper and Ben & Jerry’s, of course. I didn’t realize just how versatile maple was beyond pancakes and creemees until my neighbor started tapping my very own sugarbush and giving me more woodsy syrup […]

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

Made in Vermont: Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

I’m the first to admit that I can’t follow directions. Not even the cartoonish Ikea directions that are supposed to be interpretable in every language. When you have a hard time following directions, baking can be a challenge. I pride myself on being able to open up the fridge […]

Best Creemees in Vermont - Village Creeme Stand

The Best Creemees in Vermont

You say soft serve, Vermonters say creemees. But nothing says it’s summer in Vermont more than your first creemee of the season. Whether you opt for the traditional vanilla-and-chocolate twist or a maple creemee, or a harder-to-find coffee, orange creamsicle or black raspberry flavor, creemees are a stable of a […]

Cold Brewtus

Cold Brew Coffee Makes a Splash in Vermont

I’m one of those people for whom coffee is a sacred morning ritual. It’s not necessarily about the caffeine—although who doesn’t like an extra pep in their step—but rather the act of sipping down with a piping hot coffee before starting the day. With so many good coffee producers […]

Best Vermont Brewers

5 Questions with Vermont’s Best Brewers

It’s no secret that I drink a lot—maybe too much—Vermont craft beer. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know some of Vermont’s best brewers well. Truth be told, they fascinate me. It takes a certain type of person to dedicate themselves to mastering the art of craft beer in such […]

Tata Harper Farm, Bridport, Vermont

Made-in-Vermont: Tata Harper Skin Care

A study a few years ago showed how much time Americans spend grooming by state. Not surprisingly, Vermont came in first with the least amount of time spent on personal grooming activities daily (28 minutes on average, a full 10 minutes less than the 50-state average). Since I’ve been living […]

Simon Pearce Glassware - Vermont Wedding Gift

Vermont Wedding Gifts

I was stunned when I found out that Vermont is second only to Hawaii in destination weddings. But then again, it’s pretty obvious why… Vermont’s red barns, endless mountain ranges and quintessential charm—not to mention the talented wedding photographers, florists and chefs who call Vermont home—combine to create the perfect backdrop for rustic […]

Jennifer Kahn, Bernie Pendant

#FeelTheBern: Vermont Businesses Supporting Bernie

I fondly remember when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took part in the Warren Fourth of July celebration every year. Bernie would stroll down the parade route on Main Street by himself—dressed in sneakers and an untucked collared shirt—waving to his people. For Vermonters, Bernie’s bid for the Democratic nomination is about more […]

Vermont Smoke & Cure Real Sticks

Made-in-Vermont Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is shopping for stocking stuffers. Just because the gifts are tiny doesn’t mean you can’t come up with inventive gifts to fill up a stocking. I could fill the biggest stocking hanging from the chimney with care with Vermont-made stocking stuffers without the […]

Made-in-Vermont Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

Let’s be real… a big part of why we Vermonters live in this great state other than the natural beauty, the warm people who comprise our community, the lack of traffic, the clean water and air, the slippery slopes and the mountains that keep calling, is the food. I would argue […]

Simon Pearce Restaurant, Valentine's Day in Vermont

Simon Pearce Restaurant, Quechee, Vermont

I’ve long admired Simon Pearce‘s glassware, but I never quite appreciated just how much went into making a single wine glass until we visited Simon Pearce’s factory outlet in Windsor, Vermont, and watched a glassblower skillfully create a perfect glass. Observing for a few minutes gave me a new appreciation for the art […]

Vermont Sugar Shack - High Shelter Farm, Weathersfield, Vermont

12 Tasty Ways to Use Vermont Maple Syrup

This weekend is Maple Open House Weekend in Vermont… two days when sugar shacks across the state open up to visitors to share a behind-the-scenes look at sugaring in Vermont, along with tastes of the season’s first syrup of course. There’s nothing quite as delicious as the woodsy taste of real […]

Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Socks, Northfield, Vermont

A few weeks ago during the arctic blast that hit Vermont, we decided to venture out our back door for a sunny afternoon snowshoe. (Mistake #1.) We bundled up, ready to embrace the arctic tundra and take-in some much-needed vitamin D. We headed into the woods, planning to cross over […]