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Simon Pearce Glassware - Vermont Wedding Gift

Vermont Wedding Gifts

I was stunned when I found out that Vermont is second only to Hawaii in destination weddings. But then again, it’s pretty obvious why… Vermont’s red barns, endless mountain ranges and quintessential charm—not to mention the talented wedding photographers, florists and chefs who call Vermont home—combine to create the perfect backdrop for rustic […]

Vermont Smoke & Cure Real Sticks

Made-in-Vermont Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is shopping for stocking stuffers. Just because the gifts are tiny doesn’t mean you can’t come up with inventive gifts to fill up a stocking. I could fill the biggest stocking hanging from the chimney with care with Vermont-made stocking stuffers without the […]

Made-in-Vermont Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

Let’s be real… a big part of why we Vermonters live in this great state other than the natural beauty, the warm people who comprise our community, the lack of traffic, the clean water and air, the slippery slopes and the mountains that keep calling, is the food. I would argue […]

10 Vermont Stocking Stuffer Ideas

10 Vermont-Made Stocking Stuffer Ideas

This year, Randy and I decided to do stocking stuffers for each other rather than a larger gift, given we’re finally giving in a buying our very own snowblower (how have we lasted this long in Vermont without one?). I’ve put together some of my favorite made-in-Vermont stocking […]

Vermont Holiday Gift Guide

Made in Vermont Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year, largely due to the fact that I love coming up with thoughtful gift ideas for friends and family. Living in Vermont makes gift giving easy with so many Vermont-made products, from art and clothing to beer and beauty products. […]